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Hey there!

I'm Chloe Brooks.

I founded Chloe Brooks Marketing in 2017 after struggling through a debilitating burnout at my first job out of college: a startup agency mired deep in Hustle Culture


I’d always pushed myself to be and do extra, as though I had to make up for some deficiency or shortcoming before anyone found me out. But with the added influence of Gary Vee and his whole subgenre of thought leadership, my quietly simmering perfectionism, codependency, and lack of workplace boundaries finally bubbled over into full-on burnout.


I started my own business as a chance to catch my breath and recover. But two years later, I found myself right back in the same spot, only worse: so exhausted, both mentally and emotionally, that I was completely unable to work. I was a freelance writer who couldn’t put together a coherent thought, and the harder I tried, the more my brain shut down.


Creatively drained, unable to produce, and falling deeper and deeper into a spiral of guilt, shame, and despair, I did the only thing I could think of that might possibly help. I threw all the energy I could muster into learning everything I could about burnout.


In the two years since, nearly every major decision I’ve made has centered around defeating burnout.


I adopted what I now call the Anti-Burnout Lifestyle: my own research-backed system of self-discovery, mindset work, boundary setting, and intentional rest.


I became more energy-conscious in my approach to social media strategy, choosing proven paths to genuine connection over flashy tactics and vanity metrics.


And I’ve focused my 1-on-1 coaching sessions around helping clients identify, break, and heal from their own burnout cycles so they can stop spinning their wheels and move forward.


When I’m not on a crusade to end burnout culture, you can find me snuggled up in my South Jersey lake cottage with my fiancé, two cats, and many houseplants. 

Currently . . . 

Listening to: Lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to


Binge-watching: Letterkenny 🧑‍🌾


Craving: The gooiest mac and cheese 🧀


Reading: My horoscope ♏️ or a book on brain science


Drinking: Black coffee before 3 p.m.; red wine after 5. 

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