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Call me a 


because your audience

is about to get engaged!

No, not the knee-bending, ring-flashing,

let’s-pick-out-a-hashtag kind of engaged ... 


I’m talking about the comment-dropping, story-sharing, first-post-in-the-newsfeed kind of engaged.

Let’s face it: We both know how important social media is for your business. With Facebook alone taking up 1 out of every 6 minutes spent online, skipping the socials isn’t just not an option … it’s digital suicide.


But if you're like most of my clients, you also know that:   


You’re tired of watching the posts you agonized over disappear into a black hole as soon as you hit publish … day after day, week after week, month after month. 

You’re confused by all the algorithm changes that always seem to come just when you almost had the previous one figured out.

You’re frustrated because, despite your best efforts, the metrics that matter are a little bit lower each time you dare to take a peek behind the curtain. 

Most of all, you don’t have time to launch an in-depth investigation of best practices for each social media platform or test 27 different caption formats to see which one your audience responds to best. You’re running a business here!





You need a way to build meaningful, rewarding relationships with every one of your followers,

at each stage of the customer journey.

That's where I come in.

How I doubled my client's social media presence in 12 months

I’ve spent the past five years buried deep in social media strategies. I’ve read the how-tos, studied the reports, and watched countless hours of webinars and virtual conferences. I tailor my strategies to each client’s specific goals and audience and have adapted my approach over and over again as algorithms and user behavior change.  


That's exactly how I’ve been able to bring my social media clients results like:


  • 135% broader reach and 26% follower growth in Month 1

  • 4X higher engagement and 4X broader reach in 6 months 

  • 2X audience growth and 73% more website visitors in 12 months

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 5.38.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 5.29.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 1.06.00 PM.png

Step 1:






Your personalized roadmap to

social media success

Every client starts with a Custom Organic Strategy.

Here's how it works ... 


First, I’ll send you an intake questionnaire with about 20 questions for you to complete on your own. Take your time with this — these questions are tailored to get at the heart and soul of your business and are the foundation for much of the strategy work we’ll do, so it’s important not to rush through them. Be thoughtful and thorough … and if you don’t know an answer, I’ll help guide you. ✨

Once you’ve completed that form, we’ll hop on a one-hour Zoom call to go over your answers and chat about them in more depth. This gives me even more insight into you, your business, and your brand so that the strategy I create for you rings true to who you are and who you want to serve. 


Then, you can sit back and relax.


Have a glass of wine! 🍷

Look at some flowers! 🌺



I'll dive in and get my hands dirty.


First, I’ll do a complete audit of the social media accounts you need help with. This means I’ll examine every single aspect of your social media presence, including your usernames, profile and cover photos, descriptions and bios, visual content, captions, use of hashtags, and overall theme. Based on this review, I’ll identify some opportunities for increased growth, engagement, and conversions. 

Next, I dive deeeeeep into your existing accounts’ insights and analytics. I don’t just glance at the auto-generated overview Facebook shows you — I run highly detailed reports and present them in a way that's intuitive and simple. Maybe it’s just me (it’s not just me), but the words “4X audience growth” just don’t have the same effect as seeing it in graph form. 📊


Then I research your competitors and what they're doing. What’s working for them? Where are they missing the mark? This tells me two very important details: what your potential audience is already used to seeing 👀 and where we can stand out from the crowd to really get their attention. 🚨

That audience is my next focus. Just like I did with your competitors, I research your audience (your potential new customers and clients). The goal here is to understand what they’re going through. What lights them up inside? What keeps them awake at night grinding their teeth with worry? Because the better we understand who we’re talking to, the better we know how to help them. 


In other words … I read the room. 🤓


The last major piece of research I do is hashtag research. Based on all of the work above, I hand-pick 100 (or more!) of the very best, most effective hashtags to position you as a leader in your field. Then, I ... 

☕️  Pour a fresh cup ... 


🕯  Light a candle ... 


💭  Digest all this info ... 

then magically transform it all into a comprehensive

Strategy Guidebook.

Think of this as your very own personalized roadmap to social media success 🏆 laid out in a pretty lil’ PDF for easy reference.

The last piece of the puzzle is a custom 1-month editorial calendar. Based on your Strategy Guidebook, I plan out 1 full month of social media content for each platform we’re dealing with. And because this is a tool we’ll use over and over, it’s in Google Sheets for easy editing.   


Finally, I email all of it over to you. You’ll have a couple of days to review everything before we meet back up on Zoom for a 30-minute chat. On this call, I’ll address any questions you have and make minor tweaks as needed based on your feedback. 

When you approve everything, we’re cleared for takeoff and can officially launch your posting and management package! Pop the bubbly, cue the fireworks, and throw some confetti, because YOU DID IT!!! 🥂🎆🎉


Custom Organic


  • Organic strategy for 1 Facebook Page + 1 Instagram Business Account

  • Brand questionnaire for you to complete

  • 1-hour kickoff call via Zoom

  • Complete social media audit

  • Detailed reporting (as far back as 3 months, to establish a baseline)​​

  • Competitor research and analysis

  • Audience research and analysis

  • Custom hashtag research (100+ hand-picked hashtags)

  • Custom 1-month content calendar

  • PDF handbook for easy reference


Step 2:



Posting, &



Your to-do list


social media management


$$ in your pocket.

You’re welcome to implement on your own, but most clients prefer my done-for-you solution: 

Content, Posting, and Management Packages.

Here's how it works ... 


Based on your Strategy Guidebook and your Content Calendar, my team and I will get to work creating your social media content. We write and schedule all of your posts through a 3rd-party scheduling tool (I’m completely obsessed with Later) or directly through your Facebook Page. 

First up is your visual content. We use a blend of your own images and videos, high-quality stock photos that we source, and branded graphics that we design for you. Then we upload these to your Later media library and tag them according to content type so that your marketing assets are organized and easy to navigate. 


Then, we’ll write your captions, keeping in mind your brand’s tone, voice, and core messaging. We’ll typically include some emojis, a few exclamation points, and a compelling call to action. Because the best way to get your audience to do something is to straight-up ask them to do it! 

We typically schedule a week’s worth of posts at a time. You’ll have the login info for the scheduling tool and can review posts or request tweaks, but my clients rarely do so — they trust my expertise and don't want another task on their to-do list! ✅


Each day, my team and I check in on your accounts to review notifications. We like and respond to comments and answer new DMs (if we don’t know the answer, we’ll run it by you first). 

Then we spend focused time every day to thoughtfully engage with your audience. We’ll like and comment on feed posts, watch and react to Stories, follow new accounts that are relevant to your brand, and send DMs as needed to connect with your potential new clients and customers. We’ll also share some of your audience’s posts from time to time, according to your Content Calendar.  


At the end of each month, I’ll dive back into your account insights to create and send a full report of your accounts’ performance, plus strategic adjustments as needed. Then we’ll jump on a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss any questions you may have. (Most of my clients choose to forego this call after the first few months together, but it’s always an available option for you). 



👍 1 Facebook Page + 1 Instagram Business Account


👍 Daily posting 5 days/week


👍 Stock photo sourcing


👍 Graphics creation


👍 Caption writing


👎 Daily hands-on engagement with your audience


👎 Comment moderation


👎 Message moderation


👍 Monthly reporting


👍 Monthly strategy call



👍 1 Facebook Page + 1 Instagram Business Account


👍 Daily posting 5 days/week


👍 Stock photo sourcing


👍 Graphics creation


👍 Caption writing


👍 Daily hands-on engagement with your audience


👍 Comment moderation


👍 Message moderation


👍 Monthly reporting


👍 Monthly strategy call



Ready to chat about how we can transform your social media feeds AND your to-do list?

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